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Organization of School

The School is divided into Elementary, Junior and Middle Schools. The Elementary School has Pre –Nursery, Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G, while the Junior School has classes I-V. Middle School has classes VI to VIII.

Full time co-curricular staff, counselors gives full support to a committed, nurturing and dynamic academic faculty.

The Junior School and the Middle School is divided into four houses and each child is allotted a house upon joining, as inter-house activities form an important part of the school calendar. While each house symbolizes a Sanskar or an ideal that is both admired and desired in our children, we want our students to graduate from the school having imbibed all four of them.


Meaning – Action; this house is named after the spirit of ceaseless motion that motivate students towards the discovery and attainment of knowledge.


Meaning – Courage; this house hopes to inspire fearlessness in its students to always stand by what is Right.

SATYA (Blue)

Meaning – Truth; this is to inspire students towards finding and walking upon the path of Righteousness.

PRAGYAN (Yellow)

Meaning – Wisdom; this is to inspire students towards attaining wisdom that has been the goal of scholars since time immemorial.

Summing up, at Tiny Tots School, students are encouraged to have the wisdom to always take the right action and to have the courage to stand by what is true.

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